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2 Extra Inches - SUPER Veinzy Extender - Flesh

Product #: CNVTSX-11021011
Our Price:$34.19
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Product Details
  • Color: Beige
  • Feature: Hollow More Info, Made in USA More Info, Phthalate Free More Info
  • Shape: Phallic More Info
  • Material: PVC More Info
  • Texture: Veiny More Info
  • Manufacturer: TSX Toys Inc
  • Weight: 2.00 lbs
Product Description

Forget the spam email on enhancing your manhood! This is the best way to increase your length and thickness! Made from phthalate-free PVC. Persons with allergies to latex, PVC, or urethane should not use this product. Novelty use only. Measurements:

Total Length - 10 Inches
Insertable Length - 7 Inches
Minimum Thickness - 2 Inches
Minimum Circumference - 5.5 Inches
Maximum Thickness - 2.25 Inches
Maximum Circumference - 6 Inches

Shipping Notice:
TSX Toys, Inc. is a custom product manufacturer. This product will be made when your order is received. This order is non-cancellable and non-returnable once we put your order into process. No matter what shipping method you specify, we will take up to five working days to manufacture the product prior to shipping. Under certain circumstances we make take longer to ship, such as right before the holidays and at other peak production periods. We often ship within 48 hours but cannot guarantee it. Our factory is closed for production on Mondays. Thus if you place an order on Thursday, it will likely not ship until at least Tuesday. Thank you in advance for understanding that we are not an "off the shelf" manufacturer. Our products are made in the USA.

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2 Extra Inches - Veinzy Extender - Clear, October 4, 2014
By Blueeyes1967432
I purchased this at an adult book store and surprised my wife with it as she wore a blindfold. I was like having a third person in the room. The Ball strap is a little difficult to use but it worked just fine for me. She loved the extra length and girth and we have used it several times. With the right angle I gave her her first G-Spot orgasm and she loved it. I have ED so now with the help of this device we can have fun anytime she wants. It is a little more difficult to use without a hard on and can fold up but it still works, I may try stuffing the empty portion with something to take up the slack when soft.

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Its Next Thing To Perfect, September 28, 2013
By jd
We've tried a number of extensions. Wife had trouble accommodating them. Got this one by UPS put it on and used it that night. I've never seen someone orgasm as much as my wife did that night. She took every inch and tried to get more. Fits me snug and I really like the feeling of my balls being trussed up and that's easy, insert cock, pull ball sac thru and the nuts will follow. we cant wait to use it again and again and again.

Was this review helpful for you?

Not Practical, February 19, 2013
By hozer
this is an interesting concept, but iti is poorly executed. The item is too big to go in most holes, and the ball strap is way too SMALL to fit aound my balls. I had to modify it by cutting the loop and adding an inch of velcro before I could get it around my balls. If the strap were bigger or adjustable and the cock head a little smaller, it might have worked...

Was this review helpful for you?

Love It But, August 22, 2012
By outbackwizard
love the concept and use of the product however the second time i went to use it the strap apparatus that holds it in place broke, we were very dissapointed at that moment with the failure of the product as we were looking foward to using it again and then considering the price and wait time i/we had hoped to get lots of fun and enjoyment. would like to know if you have an improved model

Was this review helpful for you?

For Tiny Balls Only!, February 21, 2012
It is poorly designed. cannot get balls through loop(unless they are tiny)and hence cannot be held on that way. Was this product designed in a backyard? Where is the basic anatomy engineering? More money wasted!

Was this review helpful for you?

Fits Perfect, January 26, 2012
yeah it is a little difficult to get the bottom strap on, but I do it in the shower (hot, so the balls hang a little better). I pull the ring open just enough to pop one ball though, I tug on it to get even more skin through, and the second one pops in easy. semi-soft I used lube to stick my dick in the shaft. It's key to do this last. You may need to stick your finger in (it'll be a tight fit) to release some of the suction. Once its on though you feel like a king, and your balls are so sensitive from being a little constricted that when you're banging your wife that feeling alone will you put you over the edge. Took some angles to get used to it, I don't have a small dick but this adds a lot, and she came four times in 10 minutes. I highly highly recommend this product, just be patient with the strap (it's worth it to put the strap on).

Was this review helpful for you?

Good Idea, Bad Realization, January 23, 2012
I have a medium-sized penis but small balls. Tey it was impossible for me to pass them, even slowly and one by one, through the ring. After several trials, the ring broke. Make it larger, or adjustable. Othewise the penis itslef is quite nice, realistic. But if it doesnot hold to the balls, it's useless. Too bad, it was a good idea.

Was this review helpful for you?

This Is A Great Product But...., October 31, 2011
This product was the perfect length and girth but the securing ring that is attached to the sleeve wasnt big enough to fit my balls thru. In fact, it broke the ring while trying to get them thru. With that said, the sleeve still did it's job!

Was this review helpful for you?

All But.., March 3, 2011
By Ctjester
I purchased one of these and it's a great idea and well made too, however I couldn't get my balls through the loop and it simply would not stretch open enough. When they perfect the ball ring, this will be the absolute best. A true delight for the partner.

Was this review helpful for you?

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